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    HotEssay論文網 - 范文案例 - Assignment代寫范文 - Assignment代寫范文-毛利人的世界觀


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    文章導讀:今天給同學們分享 Assignment代寫 范文。在毛利人的世界觀中,他們認為自己是自然的一部分。Kaitiakitanga是基于他們與自然相連的心態。因此,他們將保衛和保護環境、自然和土地。這些...



      In the Maori world view,they see themselves as a part of the nature.Kaitiakitanga is based on the mindset that they are connected to the nature.Thus,they will guard and protect the environment,nature and land.These investments are a way to restore their environment and land.For the selected iwi,even though they have different type of management approaches,they are trying to do investment as a way to protect the land and the nature.I will analyze each type of management approach and illustrate how the Kaitiakitanga informs the investment decisions of iwi leadership.

      Among the eight selected iwi,Ngati Awa,Ngati Whatua Orakei and Waikatu-Tainui have the largest asset of property.During the investment in property,they invest in the projects of purchasing parks,building hotel,constructions and etc.They keep the kaitiakitanga mindset all the time and they will do not invest in any project that hurt the environment and try to protect their homeland.Thus,they invest in project such as forest.Then the forest can be protected,and we can also obtain the natural resource in a right way.

      Raukawa and Tuhoe have the largest asset of managed funds.For these managed funds,they will not retain all net income to reinvest.Conversely,they distribute net income annually to all members as a way to care the people living in this area.Beside the managed funds,they also invest a small portion in project such as forestry-related investments.Tuhoe leadership focus on making passive income,but they still rember the spirit of Kaitiakitanga and try their best to protect nature and land.

      Since iwi investors have constrain to sell certain assets,then some iwi tries to use a way of mix management approach.Ngati Awa is a good example of mix management approach.Beside the property,the primary industries accounts for 30%,including forestry assets,livestock and fisheries quota.The primary industries show how they involve kaitiakitaga into their investment.They invest in forestry assets not only to make money but also to care and repair the forest.Livestock asset and fisheries quota indicates that they involve kaitiakitaga in all kinds of nature protection.

      Property and private equity are largely active approach.Conversely,other asset investments are largely passive approach.The passive approach is related to kaitiakitaga and affects iwi investment decision.In conclusion,even though the 8 iwi has different management approaches,they more or less involve kaitiakitaga in their investment decisions.They purchase land,invest in forestry project,raise livestock and etc.These above projects show that how the kaitiagitaga can inform and affect the iwi leadership investment,while these projects are not the one can obtain the maximum net income or profits.

      According to the charts of return on assets and return on equity,these two charts almost have same%of returns except 2016.The main reason that the return on asset decreased to 4%is that CNI’s return down from 9 million to 6 million.In this situation,the company should reduce investment portion in CNI.But,in Tuhoe’s financial restructure,the holding in CNI remain stable throughout the period.This restructure looks not effective enough,because the Tuhoe supposed to analyze each fund’s performance and facilitate plan to decrease or remove the investment in CNI holding.Even though,the new financial structure can bring a better financial result,new investment plan of CNI can bring the financial result to another level.

      Due to the absence of term debt,the return on equity is similar to return on assets.In terms of the weak net income in 2018,we came to the conclusion that it mainly due to the weak performance of CNI returns in 2018.Besides the net income,we noted that the weak return is partially due to the distribution.If Tuhoe can retain the net income for a period of time to reinvest in other projects,then the whole portfolio can be more diversified with better performance and the return on equity can be more stable.With the steadier return on equity in the future,the company can restart to distribute income to its iwi beneficiaries.

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