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    HotEssay論文網 - 范文案例 - Assignment代寫范文 - Assignment代寫范文-Tucson Fog

    Assignment代寫范文-Tucson Fog

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    文章導讀:下面小編為大家整理一篇優秀的 Assignment代寫 范文-Tucson Fog,供大家參考學習。這篇文章講述的是牙齒的形成取決于相對濕度。形成霧至少需要100%的相對濕度,這可以通過增加空氣的含...

      下面小編為大家整理一篇優秀的Assignment代寫范文-Tucson Fog,供大家參考學習。這篇文章講述的是牙齒的形成取決于相對濕度。形成霧至少需要100%的相對濕度,這可以通過增加空氣的含水量或降低空氣溫度來實現。當一個區域的空氣相對潮濕時,只需要稍微冷卻一下,相對濕度就可以達到100%因此,霧更可能在這些地區形成。


      The formation of fog is dependent on the relative humidity(RH).At least 100%of RH is required for fog to be formed,which is achieved either by the increasing the moisture content of the air,or reduction in air temperature.When the air in an area is relatively moist,it takes only a little bit of cooling for RH to reach 100%.Fog is thus more likely to form in such areas.When air in an area is relatively dry,it takes a lot of cooling to reach 100%RH,which means that it is more difficult for fog to form.Fog does not form commonly in Tucson,because the air in Tucson is too dry for the RH to reach the 100%easily.

      Radiation fog(sometimes valley fog)is the most commonly observed fog in Tucson.As the ground emits IR radiation and cools rapidly at night,the layer of air near the ground is cooled at the same time,with increasing RH.Radiation fog is observed in layered shapes and is close to the ground.In a valley,radiation fog is also called valley fog due to the downhill flow of the fog under gravity.Steam fog(also evaporation fog)is often formed in cold mornings above relatively warm water surfaces.The air above the water surface has high RH and temperature,creating vapor-like fog clouds.Steam fog is observed to be floating upwards and fading on the top.The third type of fog is a mixing fog,created when hot,humid air mixes with cooler air.Mixing fox is commonly caused by combustion,from a car,natural gas,vent pipes,and living organisms through breathing.The main visible features of mixing fog are the directional motion,instability,and small size.

      Satellite Photographs of Clouds Report

      Satellites are able to detect both visible(VIS)and infrared(IR)light coming from clouds.The source of the VIS light is the reflection of the sunlight by the cloud,the ocean,the ground.The source of IR light is the 10 micrometer(μm)IR radiation emitted by the ground,the ocean,and the clouds.IR satellite photographs are more commonly seen than VIS satellite photos,because VIS photos are only meaningful during the daytime.At night,when there is no sunlight,there is no reflection,either,and the VIS photos at night would simply be darkness.In comparison,IR photos are not bound by this limit,as the ground,ocean,and clouds emit IR radiation continuously both during the day and the night.

      In a VIS photo,the thickness of the cloud determines the color.A thick cloud is a good reflector of sunlight which reflects most of the sunlight to the satellite sensors.Therefore,thicker clouds appear white.Thin clouds allow most of the sunlight to pass through them,reflecting only a small portion of sunlight.This makes VIS photos of thin clouds grey.For IR photos,temperature(top surface altitude)determines the color of a cloud.Low altitude clouds appear grey due to the higher temperature and stronger intensity of IR radiation.Higher altitude clouds,either thick or thin,appear white in IR photos due to lower temperature and weaker IR radiation.

      IR and VIS photographs are combined to distinguish between different types of clouds.In IR photos,cirrostratus and cumulonimbus clouds both appear white.However,in VIS photos,cirrostratus clouds appear grey,cumulonimbus clouds appear white.In VIS photos,both low level stratus and cumulonimbus clouds appear white.However,in IR photos,low level stratus clouds appear grey,cumulonimbus clouds appear white.

      The ground changes from dark to light gray during the day on IR photographs because the ground temperature is dropping,leading to weaker IR radiation.The nearby ocean does change slightly in the same trend.But since the specific heat of water is much higher than ground,the change in temperature would be much smaller,so is the change in IR photo color.

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