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    HotEssay論文網 - 范文案例 - Essay代寫范文 - Essay代寫范文-約翰·亨利·紐曼


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    文章導讀:下面為大家整理一篇優秀的 essay代寫 范文--John Henry Newman,文章講述約翰亨利紐曼是英國宗教史上最重要的人物之一。他也是一位教育家。他生于1801年。在乞討的時候,他皈依了基督教...

      下面為大家整理一篇優秀的essay代寫范文--John Henry Newman,文章講述約翰·亨利·紐曼是英國宗教史上最重要的人物之一。他也是一位教育家。他生于1801年。在乞討的時候,他皈依了基督教,但他的信仰從基督教變成了天主教。他也是牛津運動的領導者之一。他一生為天主教做出了巨大貢獻。本文主要就他向羅馬天主教的轉變以及有關牛津運動的一些細節進行研究。作者將對約翰·亨利·紐曼的相關資料進行總結。我相信讀者可以從這篇文章中找到有用的東西。



      John Henry Newman is one of the most important characters in the religious history of the England.He is also an educator.He was born in 1801.At begging,he embraced Christianity,but he had changed his belief from Christianity to Catholicism.He was also one of the leaders of the Oxford Movement.He had contributed a lot to the Catholicism in his life.This research paper focuses on his conversion to Roman Catholicism and some things about the Oxford Movement in detail.The author will summarize some relative resources about the John Henry Newman.I believe readers can find the useful things from this paper.

      Why did John Henry Newman participate in the Oxford Movement?

      John Henry Newman was born in one of the common families in London.In his earlier life,he enjoyed reading very much.And in 1817,he came in to the Trinity university which was located in Oxford.At that time,he had the wonderful opportunity to study more knowledge in Oxford.After he graduated from the college,he became a priest of Christianity.He had worked as a priest for 19 years(McManners,1990).At that time,he tried his best to do his work and wrote a series of articles.In this period,he published 10 volumes sermon collections(Church,1904).After the break of the Anglican Oxford Movement,he had written articles actively which could be used by the movement.And he got together with other related priests at Oxford University to publish“Tracts for the Times”.These books attempted to explore the road of independence of the Church of England.We can see that John Henry Newman participated in the Oxford Movement,his purpose was to find the independence of the Christianity.So he did a lot of things in the Oxford Movement.

      What did John Henry Newman do in the Oxford Movement and what effects of the Oxford Movement were?

      John Henry Newman got together with Froude and Keble to launch an Oxford Movement.On July 14th 1833,Keble gave the speech in Oxford.The topic of the speech was National Apostasy.This had made the movement come into a high point.These people got together to publish a series entitled Tracts for the Times.The highlight of the movement appeared in the pamphlets which were published by Newman.The pamphlets pointed that Anglican"thirty-nine Nobutsuna"was intended to corrupt the rule of the church,but it was associated with the doctrine of Trento.In other words,Newman criticized that it was not a true Protestant literature,but it belonged to the Catholic Church's(Church,1904).

      The effects of the Oxford Movement are as follows.On the one hand,it made John Henry Newman see the essence of the Christianity.He had embraced Christianity for so many years,but he could not see the negative aspects of the Christianity until the Oxford Movement.The principles and points he advocated are accordance with the Catholicism in nature,such as recovering the early Anglican tradition,following the certain disciplines and doctrines,maintaining the sacramental and liturgical and so on(Ker,2010).All of these made him change the belief after the Oxford Movement.On the other hand,this movement had stimulated the religious thinking of the Christianity.We all know that Christianity was very important in England at that time.The movement made more and more people find the conflict about the revolution of the Christianity.This was good for the development of the religions at that time(Church,1904).

      John Henry Newman’s conversion to Roman Catholicism

      We all know that John Henry Newman had turned his belief from Christianity to Catholicism.Why?After the Oxford Movement,John Henry Newman was attracted by the Roman Catholicism.The most important reason was that most of his religious ideas were associated with the thinking of the Catholicism.This made him find the hope from the Catholicism.In the process of the Oxford Movement,John Henry Newman had seen that it was necessary to recover the authority of the old church and the early tradition and retain the Roman Catholic liturgy.

      In addition,when John Henry Newman had paid attention to the Roman Catholicism.His thinking had influenced a lot by the Roman Catholicism.This was not accordance with the mainstream of the Oxford Movement.So his thinking had been criticized by some people.The bishop forbade spreading of the thinking of the John Henry Newman and sent John Henry Newman to Littlemore to live(Newman,2006).From 1841 to 1845,John Henry Newman was very upset but he did not stop thinking the things of the Christianity and Catholicism.These painful and meditation enhanced the development of his thinking.Later,he wrote the book“An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine”(Newman,2006).In 1845,he joined the Catholic Church formally,later,he was promoted to priest and the cardinal.He Published the article debating for oneself which had described his conversion to Roman Catholicism(Newman,1958).This article was admired by a lot of Catholics widely.

      What did Newman do after he embraced Catholicism?

      After John Henry Newman embraced Catholicism,he did well in the Roman Catholicism.In a short time,John Henry Newman was appointed to the principal of the new Catholic University in Dublin,and in 1877 he was appointed as the cardinal of the Roman Church.He gave a lot of lectures in England.He had contributed a lot to the Roman Catholicism.

      In conclusion,we can see that John Henry Newman’s religious ideas had changed a lot.He was so intelligent that he gave up the Christianity and started to embrace the Catholicism.He did a lot in the Oxford.At the same time,the Oxford Movement had influenced his religious thinking.His conversion to Roman Catholicism was not the sudden change.On the contrary,his convention was proved to be correct at that time.In his religious life,he met some difficulties,but he came over the difficulties and found the right ways to embrace the Catholicism.He is really a great person in the religious history of England.

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