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    HotEssay論文網 - 范文案例 - Essay代寫范文 - 英國Essay范文-營銷組合


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    文章導讀:下面為大家整理一篇優秀的 英國essay范文 --Marketing mix, Essay代寫 描述正如卡倫.比米什說的那樣,市場營銷組合是企業市場營銷戰略的一個重要營銷工具之一。市場營銷組合是營銷計劃...

      下面為大家整理一篇優秀的英國essay范文--Marketing mix,Essay代寫描述正如卡倫.比米什說的那樣,市場營銷組合是企業市場營銷戰略的一個重要營銷工具之一。市場營銷組合是營銷計劃中最有益的和最有戰術性的一部分,這些給市場營銷人員提供了一個很好的機遇來跟進他們的目標。每個因素的數量可能會根據不同的營銷計劃的要求而改變,最初的營銷組合包括4 p(產品、價格、地點和促銷)。但這些因素只有在有限的時間內,并且業務已經轉換,客戶也已經意識到最新的三種因素(人員、流程和物證)被添加和混合。(營銷組合)




      Individual Elements Of The Extended Marketing Mix


      As said by Karen Beamish(2005)the term Marketing Mix is one of the most important marketing tools.The components of the marketing mix are the most useful and tactical part of a marketing plan.These provide a very good level of assistance for a marketing person in following up their objectives.The quantity of each element may vary according to the requirements of the marketing plan.Initially the marketing mix consisted of 4Ps(Product,Price,Place,and Promotion)but these elements were sufficient only for a limited period and when the transformation of business and customer were realized then 3 new service elements(People,Process and Physical Evidence)were added to the mix.(Marketing Mix)

      正如Karen Beamish(2005)所說,營銷組合是最重要的營銷之一工具營銷組合的組成部分是市場營銷中最有用和最具戰術性的部分計劃。這些為市場營銷人員提供非常好的協助目標每個元素的數量可能根據市場營銷要求計劃。最初營銷組合由4P(產品、價格、地點和促銷)組成,但這些要素僅在有限的時間內足夠,當實現業務和客戶的轉變時,又在組合中添加了3個新的服務要素(人員、流程和實物證據)


      From Three Levels of Product In general the term product refers to a physical service or product provided to the customer.This element of marketing mix needs research on the requirements of the potential market to provide a product that fulfils their needs and makes their life easy.(Curtis,2007)Every product and service offers 3 levels of product to the customer.The CORE(functionality and safety)product is the intangible product.It is the benefit of the ACTUAL product that makes it worth.The AUGMENTED(warranty,accessories and services)product is the other abstract part of the product which may consist of some value added services.


      As discussed in pricing Strategies pricing is of utter importance in the mixture of marketing mix.It is the only element that generates revenue for the business.The pricing strategies may vary at times based on many factors like the nature of the product,condition of market,current position of the organization in the market.(Curtis,2007)These strategies are implemented in the pricing gap i.e.the difference between the cost of the product or service and the customer’s value.The cost of its product must be generated in the sales by any organization otherwise it would not be able to survive the market.A product can’t be sold if it is priced more than its value for the consumer.(Pricing Strategies)


      According to Kotler(2003)the third P in the marketing mix is the place where the product of an organization is going to be sold.More specifically place means the channel,how the product or service of a company can be taken from the manufacturer’s end to the consumer’s end.The cannels can be of many kinds like agents,retailers,internet,overseas distributers,and direct marketing.(Place,distribution,channel,or intermediary)


      Kotler(2003)considers that promotion means all the tactics and ways used by marketers to tell about the product or service of the company.Promotion refers to the marketing communication used for spreading information about the company and its product and service.(Curtis,2007)Promotion doesn’t mean to communicate only about the product but to spread word about the benefits of the product and services of the company.The promotion element of the marketing mix also includes the cost of the media and advertising.Promotion and advertising need to be innovative as sooner or later each plan stops working.Promotion activities of a product should change after a specific interval of time in order to keep them working.(Promotion)


      The element people of the extended marketing mix include each and every stakeholder of the organization.Customer,employee,manager,and everyone involved with the product or service.If a company wants an edge over its competitors then the staff recruited by the organization must be well trained in interpersonal skills,aptitude,and the knowledge of the service or the product they are going to provide to the customer.Companies interact with consumers through their employees and the attitude of the employees is the root of building perceptions about the company in customers mind.(Service Marketing Mix/Extended Marketing Mix)


      Process refers to the system and process of methods that are helpful in providing the service or product to the customer.This element includes the reconstructing of all the other elements of the marketing mix.All the other ingredients of the marketing mix need new processes to be introduced.(Marketing Mix)

      Physical Evidences:

      (Three Levels of Product)This element of marketing mix describes the tangible part of a product or service of a company.Based on these physical evidences a consumer makes judgments about the company and its product or service.Many industries like tourism and parcels mix this element majorly in the marketing mix.(Marketing Mix)

      Development of Products to Sustain Competitive Advantage

      Graeme Drummond,(2005)consider that In modern marketing it is a fact that,if the company wishes to maintain a worthy level of presence and appreciation against its competitors and their offered services and products,a product must enjoy one or more major sustainable competitive advantages.According to Curtis(2007)Sustainable competitive advantage is a key point of corporate strategies.It means being in harmony with not only the consumer’s needs but also with the competitive market,new tools and technologies etc.A product must be developed as a response to the customers needs and requirements and research and developments in the field are also required.As competitors are always likely to imitate a successful competitor so a company must always strive for the betterment of the service and product it offers to the consumer.(Curtis,2007)(Three Levels of Product)

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